WorkChores LLC began on January 1st, 2019. While our history is shallow, our roots are deep. Our passion for Microsoft Office and extending the capabilities of Microsoft Excel extend back to 2013. Blake was first mind blown by Microsoft Excel while tracking FIFA video game bets he made with his brother for different household chores. The ability to track and measure KPI’s from their bets sparked an analytical fire that Blake wasn’t aware of until college. Blake tested his analytics passion on his first client, Natural Inspirations. 

Blake created a simple Sales Dashboard for Natural Inspirations which allowed the business to make efficient and proactive managerial decisions. Since then, Blake has been working with businesses ranging from $0-100 Million in Yearly Revenue with reporting and analytics. Now, Blake wants to pass on his knowledge and tools to professionals, giving them the ability to also extend the capabilities of Microsoft Excel.


We strive to Revolutionize the workplace by providing Businesses and Professionals with Tools for Success.

We believe in creating tools powerful enough to positively disrupt the way businesses and professionals operate today. From saving drastic amounts of hours and creating a comfortable work-life balance, to allowing for legitimate career advancement, our tools will revolutionize the workplace.

Businesses: The businesses we service range in Yearly Revenue from $0-50 Million. We work in any industry that uses Microsoft Excel as their primary reporting tool.

Professionals: The professionals we service are men and women ranging from 18-35 years old that are looking for work, or currently employed. These individuals must have a genuine desire for success and curiosity.

The tools we create extend the capability of Microsoft Office. We work closely with Microsoft Office as Microsoft Excel is a universal business application. We create templates, VBA code, and unique tools that supply businesses and professionals with competitive advantages. 

Success piggybacks on “Revolutionizing the workplace”. Success is a way for us to measure our impact on time savings, employee contentment, and career advancement for our users.


Our values are the gel to our mission. In order to revolutionize the workplace we must maintain a high level of integrity, consistency, and efficiency.

We believe in honesty.

We believe in maintaining precedents. 

We believe in quality and speediness.


Have you ever said, “I wish there was a faster way to do this task.” In most cases, there is. We operate to automate and analyze those tasks away for you. From simple formulas and Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel, to web based BI applications, WorkChores is here for you.

Blake first became interested with analytics and automation in college, when he discovered the impact data insights could have on businesses. He created an automated analysis for his mom’s company and saw the instant value he created for her. After Blake’s discovery, he ventured out and continued to help small and large businesses find added value internally. We find joy in the shock and awe of our clients’ feedback.

We came up with the name “WorkChores” as a play on words. We believe that all jobs have “chores”, or tasks, that are repetitive, mundane, and tedious. We want to automate your chores for you, so that you can spend your time on more important tasks.

Our main competition are places like Upwork, Fiverr, Consulting firms, and Freelancers.

With Automation, and Analytics, we have found it’s best to have a standard price for our various services. These prices are based on the amount of value the service will provide you, along with the amount of time it takes us to complete it.

For automation and analytics, we do the install for you, create fully commented code, and promise your money back if you don’t like the service. We operate for you.

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