Discover the Depths of Your Data

At WorkChores we have become accustomed to balancing the logic required for Accounting and Finance and the creativity desired by our clients to deliver meaningful, storytelling dashboards and visualizations. We work alongside you and your team to produce our best work, for you.

Analytics uses math, statistics, and modeling to answer the following questions: What happened in the past, what’s happening now, and what’s going to happen?  These questions are applied to all aspects of business from sales and marketing to production and quality. WorkChores makes analytics simple by taking your data and creating a story of your business. 

Analytics reduces your mountainous data into impactful insights. Our analytical models assist in making managerial decisions more efficiently. Discover your audience, plan your warehouse’s future, track your sales, and determine the direction of your products.

  • Maintain strong pulse on your business
  • Proactive vs Reactive decision making
  • Core competency against your competition



Introductory Call (30-45 Minutes) to identify core data needs and objectives.


Our team builds a dashboard based on the Scope we developed in our Call. Creation takes roughly one week.


We review the dashboard with you and recreate until you are satisfied with it.     



All Analytics projects are set at a rate of $60/Hour. We can negotiation longer term projects, or recurring projects.

If you’d like to check out comparable rates, visit Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelance sites for pricing.


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