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Case Studies

One of our clients, a Bath & Beauty company, has 10 rep groups with 130 sales reps and roughly 2,000 customers. The sales manager was spending about 30 hours per month sending out monthly PowerPoint reports to each rep group and sales rep. These reports included the rep’s MTD and YTD sales and brief analysis of the fragrance and collection sales for that rep. We were contacted to help improve the manager’s process and the analytics that were being provided to each rep and group.

We created a solution utilizing VBA in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint that analyzes the rep’s MTD, YTD, TTM sales, gave an in-depth analysis on the rep’s performance with each fragrance and collection, as well as supplied each rep with their unique list of customers showing their last order dates. Rather than the process taking 20-30 hours, the process start to finish takes about an hour. 

We charged 30 billable hours for the process and analytics, or $1,800. The sales manager saves roughly 29 hours a month, or 348 hours per year. With an hourly wage of $40/hour, the cost savings are about $12,000/year as well the 348 hours the manager has earned back to focus on more important aspects of the business.

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Currently, we are charging $75/hour for our automation service. As demand grows for our business, our hourly rates may increase. However, customers will retain the rate at which their first job was completed.


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