A Data Analytics Company

Transforming Business Data Into Actionable Insights

What We Do

We enable managers to make data-informed decisions regarding products, customer retention, production performance, and more. We achieve this by building powerful, user friendly financial models, KPI dashboards, and reporting systems in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.


"...I Love You"
"...I love you. No, seriously, this is incredible! It's perfect! Absolutely perfect! This saved me weeks of work! You have no idea how useful this is! The first time you made something for me I was half desperate. This time I reached out because as I worked I thought "What if he could make this..." Now that I'm playing around with this, I can't help but think "how else can he change my life!"
"Absolute Game Changer"
Working with Blake and WorkChores has been an absolute game changer for both me and my business. Not only is Blake easy to work with and understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish, but he is immensely talented and truly takes the time to delve into the details and make the finished product the most intuitive and useful tool you can imagine.
"Works With You"
Blake truly takes the time to understand what you’re trying to accomplish. He asks questions, works with you, and puts in the effort to understand and solve the problem and make the finished product the most custom and personalized tool possible that is designed specifically for your purpose.
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